ARC Review: Sweet Love (The Sweet Series) by K.C. Lynn

Hey Guys! I know it’s been a while and I sincerely apologize for it. I’ve move to the other side of the country, have a new job and just got internet an hour ago. I know this review was long due but I couldn’t get internet to do it and I’m terribly sorry for it. So here’s my review, I hope it’s not too late!

Title: Sweet Love (The Sweet Series

Release Date: March 24, 2016

TBR Link: Goodreads

Author: KC Lynn



Two cups of a protective, dirty talkin’ alpha who loves his Cupcake.

One tablespoon of a sweet southern baker who loves her Sexy Sawyer, even when he’s being a hothead.

A slice of the past that shows up on their doorstep, turning their world upside down with a life- altering plea.

A dash of passion.

A pinch of heartache.

A sprinkle of hope.

Mix together in a large bowl, creating a difficult choice, a testing of one’s faith, and a man who will do anything to protect his family—even if it means accepting a decision that could result in losing the one he loves most.

Bake at 350° for a rich serving of life with a love that could withstand anything. Even the unthinkable.

A timeless recipe that is sure to fill your heart with a generous helping of sweet love.


This is a longer length novella that follows Sawyer and Grace’s journey after Sweet

Temptation, book two in the Men of Honor series. It is told in dual POV, has an HEA, and no

cliffhanger. Sweet Temptation should be read prior to this novella. It is recommended to read the other books in both the Men of Honor series and the Acts of Honor series as all the characters play recurring roles. However it’s not necessary.

Warning: Due to mature subject matter, such as explicit sexual situations and coarse language, this story is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


SWEET LOVE (The Sweet Series #1) by KC Lynn.
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My Review: 3.5 stars!

Well I love Grace and Sexy Sawyer the first time and this time was no different.

The book was short, and the story sweet and dramatic. I was glad we got to see more of Grace’s family life, things that should have been approach in the first book and were hanging around in my mind. But I must honestly say that I don’t think another story about them was necessary.

I did not want more drama to Grace’s life and so I was really scared to read this, thinking something bad could happen, it didn’t. But still, there just wasn’t enough story for a second book. Or maybe it’s that I wanted more from them and all the gang? And btw, I loved seeing all of them together again, with the kids and their love as a family.

And even though I don’t think another book was necessary… I liked it so much! 🙂

P.S. I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


ARC Review: Elastic Hearts (Hearts #3) by Claire Contreras



Victor Reuben.
Most sought out divorce attorney in LA.

Nicole Alessi.
Soon to be ex-wife of Hollywood’s biggest star, Victor’s latest client and his boss’s daughter.

In such a high profile divorce, they can’t afford any extra drama. Luckily, neither one of them has anything to hide.
Unless you count the mind blowing sex they had…
Three times all those years ago.

As long as they leave the past where it belongs, they’ll be fine. But with her wearing those tight dresses and him giving her those heated glances, keeping their hands to themselves is proving to be more difficult than either one of them realized.

It won’t be long before the paparazzi start to smell smoke, and where there’s smoke…


Elastic Hearts by Claire Contreras

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story was different from the two previous books on the heart series. And it was a good different, I think. The patterns of the story weren’t the same, the structure and everything was very lineal I always appreciate the difference between stories. Although I confess, and it’s the main reason why this isn’t a 5 stars, that I was kind of missing the climax point, the point of “make it or break it” as I like to call it. Everything lead to the point of the HEA in the end, so there wasn’t this big scene where the characters had this big conflict where everything was at risk. I mean there were some moments that hinted at this, but they weren’t that big of a deal. Everything was resolved smoothly in the end. It was new, and different but it was ok.
I loved the characters, though I wish there would have been a little more character development, a little bit more background on their life stories. But I felt the passion between Victor and Nicole from the first chapter. (Oh and I really disliked Gabe)
The story kept me completely focus on the book, there was no point where I felt bored or wanted to skip a paragraph, on the contrary, I just wanted to keep on reading, and sometimes I couldn’t because I have to take a flight in a couple on hours and there were things to arrange, but damn I did it! And I’m so glad I took the time with this!
I have some doubts now though, was this the last book in the series? If so, I kind of need a bigger epilogue for the three lovely couples! Please!!!

PS. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Cover & Blurb Reveal + Giveaway: Into the Tomorrows by Whitney Barbetti

I was born in sadness, 
which was just the beginning of a solemn and desolate life. I’m no stranger to painnone of us are. The night I held my best friend’s hand as she died, I understood true agony. And I never thought I’d feel happiness again.
But that was so long ago…
Moving to Colorado to be with Colin, my high school sweetheart, was the perfect way to start over and rekindle what had begun to fizzle. I wanted that spark to ignite, to burn in passion and desire. Instead, I found myself falling for Jude, my boyfriend’s roommate. He’s the only person who understands my soul, who can breach the walls I’ve built. But I can’t have him.  
Because I’m Trista Kohl, and my destiny is sorrow.
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Coming Release: Forever Pucked (Pucked series #4) by Helena Hunting

So I have wonderful news! Helena Hunting will be releasing Forever Pucked a sequel of Pucked the first book in the series of the hot hockey players! Here are some teasers and the blurb.  Enjoy! 🙂

The on-sale date is March 29th



Amazon Print:

Amazon Ebook will be available soon

female torso and hands at bared waist


Being engaged to Alex Waters, team captain and the highest paid NHL player in the league, is awesome. How could it not be?

In addition to being an amazing hockey player, he’s an incurable romantic with an XL heart, and an XXL hockey stick in his pants. And he knows how to use it. Incredibly, orgasmically well. Alex is the whole package and more. Literally. Like his package is insane. Total world record holder material.

So it makes complete sense that Violet Hall can’t wait to nail him down to the matrimonial mattress and become Mrs. Violet Waters.

It’s so romantic.

Violet is totally stoked to set a date.

Eventually. At some point. Likely before the next millennium. Or when Violet stops getting hives every time someone brings up the wedding, and their mothers stop colluding on stadium sized venues. Whichever comes first.




I hopefully will have an ARC review before release date, though I’m starting a new job, so I’m hoping to not get too slow.

Are you guys excited about this? I know I am!

Cover Reveal: Elastic Hearts by Claire Contreras

Elastic Hearts Cover is here!!! It’s gorgeous! Also check the blurb below and the full wrap cover 🙂 The release of this book is set to be in march, date to be announced and it will be a live release.


#March2016 #Heartscrew

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EH AMazon


Victor Reuben.

Most sought out divorce attorney in LA.

Nicole Alessi.

Soon to be ex-wife of Hollywood’s biggest star and Victor’s latest client.

In such a high profile divorce, they can’t afford any extra drama. Luckily, neither one of them has anything to hide.

Unless you count the mind blowing sex they had…



Three times all those years ago.

The past is in the past, though. As long as they keep their hands off each other until the divorce is final, they’ll be fine. But she keeps wearing those tight dresses, and he keeps giving her those heated glances, and keeping their hands to themselves is proving to be more difficult than either one of them realize.

It won’t be long before the paparazzi starts smelling the smoke, and where there’s smoke…

EH Full wrap.jpg