Review: Worth It (Forbidden Men Series) by Linda Kage

Worth It (Forbidden Men, #6)Worth It by Linda Kage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, that was incredible!

I think this might be the best book on the series so far. It was written amazingly. I loved that the story was written between past and present and I must admit though that it kind of annoyed me at one point when I was really into the story and then the chapter ended and we had to go back to the past instead of continuing where the chapter left off, but to be honest I think that added something more to the book and the fact that the chapter that tell us the past was always related to what was happening in the chapter from the present was kind of awesome. The story itself was quite complex, I loved the characters what they went through, how they dealt with things and how they healed. At some point when I was finishing the book I might have thought things happened really quick but then I counted the chapters from the past and it was really a story that went through 6 years, so it wasn’t quick at all.

I was so glad to get to know these characters, at first I was doubtful since they were new characters to the series and I was afraid we wouldn’t see much of the other characters we met before, but they were there doing they’re thing and being a family as always and I loved it. I think the author outdid herself with this one, it was kind of different, it was better, no, actually it was the best and it surprised me and it seriously left very high expectations to how the next book is going to be. I really can’t wait to see Asher Hart’s story specially with that epilogue!

Amazing book totally recommended to you all, but please start with the beginning of the series ‘Price of a Kiss’ so you get to know all the other characters and the relationship between them, it’s really cool.

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