Review: Just A Little Kiss by Renita Pizzitola

Just a Little Kiss (Crush, #3)Just a Little Kiss by Renita Pizzitola

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loveeeeed it!

I really liked the book, the romance, how it plays, the chemistry between the characters, the few messed up things that happen and the cute little things too. It’s a really good story, entertaining and fun, a light read but a realistic one, something you can relate to, it’s about two normal people trying to live normal life, with all that encompasses, with no unnecessary drama. Sometimes these “normal” kind of books are underestimated and we got some stories that have so much going on and they get so repetitive! So it’s really nice to have something like this. And I LOVED IT!

I really don’t have much to say, but I’m telling you this:
I have this little notebook and pen on my night stand, next to my kindle so I can take notes on it about the books I’m reading to make my reviews later and remember things. If I don’t use that notebook it’s usually because it’s a book from an author I know and love and don’t have to say anything about it or because I absolutely loved the book and there’s nothing to add. In the particular case of this book I only added 2 things:

-I feel really connected to Felicity the leading female, and her fear of failure and to try out new things, I totally get it, I am that way too. Also, I see that she guards herself a lot and damn that is so me and I’m not proud of it but I relate to it, to her anxiety, to her over-thinking things, so that makes this book super special to me.
– I really love the friendship between Felicity and Isla, I love how Isla encourages Felicity to improve, to be better, to get out of her comfort zone and she reassures Felicity about the possibility about a better future. She’s the best BFF!

I’d like to add that this series has really grown on me with each book, this is probably my favorite of them and I think I see a growth in the author, or maybe it’s because I like it more with every new book but whatever it is I really recommend it!

I was given an e-copy of this book for a honest review.

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