REVIEW: Perfectly Damaged – E.L. Montes

***** 5 STARS

“The sadness will last forever” Vincent Van Gogh
“How can you fix me when I can’t even fix myself?”
“Live for today, push for tomorrow”

What a book. I’m just wiping my nose and drying my face from all the tears, my head hurts from all the sobbing, and my heart swells with emotion. The good and the notso good.

This books talks about mental disease, schizophrenia and depression to be exact. The first one is really hard to get and I can’t even begin to comprehend what it means to have to live with it. And my heart, thoughts, good vibes and the little strength I have, goes to those who suffer from this condition. However, I do know about depression, I’d live on and off with it for the last, give or take, 7 years of my life, not in big levels, but this past few years it’s been harder with all the grown up stuff that we have to deal with. Anyway, this book, touch me deeply and like very few. In no way I’ve had it as bad as Jenna, the leading female of this book, but still somehow I could relate in some levels.

In no way is a light book, it wasn’t for me, I started crying in page 11 I think, but don’t distress, I laugh and smile and even feel some butterflies throughout the book as well. But if I’m being honest, some of the scenes were really hard to read, they were harsh, but unfortunately they were real.

It reflects with such reality, still having in consideration that is a work of fiction, the struggle of people who suffers from mental illness or conditions. In both ways, internally and socially, it goes through the relationships between a patient and its family, friends and lovers and it makes you realize how hard we are with those who we think aren’t normal only because we think or see them as different from us and from what is the socially accepted as normal. But it’s also a book that shows that however we are, there’s always a light to reach, there’s always the possibility of getting better still having at account that life is not perfect and that some days are much better than others. It shows that we can still found love however we are, on family, friends, and even in hot boys, or just good (for us) boys for that matter. But that all of this is especially true if we first learn to accept ourselves the way we are and to love ourselves with the good, the bad and the gray. Nothing is truly fine until we realize that, and especially when we agree to ourselves more than to anyone that with our wills and some help (medicine, psychotherapy, art, friends, family, meditation, sports, etc.), that we can be better and live step by step, day by day.


REVIEW: The Sweet Trilogy – Wendy Higgins

*** 3.5 STARS

I’ve been meaning to read this series a long time ago, but something was holding me back from doing it, but seeing it mentioned on Opposition and the deal was sealed. 

The first book on this series is Sweet Evil, and it shows an innocent teenage girl with special abilities, a cute male best friend, meeting a steamy hot dark guy, a drummer non the less (YUMMY!) the story was about nephilim and demons, and my first thoughts were: “Is this going to be a Shadowhunter thing? The Mortal Instruments anyone?” But it was not so close to that. The first book was compelling, exciting, and entertaining, but also very annoying in terms that is a book with a lot of display in morals, and religious rules, the talk about heaven and hell in a very catholic way. I, being an atheist, thought it was too much, understanding life is not at all about right or wrong on divine terms, but for me it’s more like live your life to the fullist but just don’t hurt anyone else or yourself while doing it, instead of following moral rules that are set on a book. If I put all that behind me, the book was really good, the female lead, while not being my favourite person in the world, was really cute, but her innocence was really too much for a teenage girl living on the US. The boy however, dayum!!! Kaidan Rowe is a panty dropper and it had me on his display of a british accent!

The second book, Sweet Peril, was equally entertaining, and we see the female leading character still with innocence but with the knowledge of the reality of life, however, it really annoyed me the masochism toward chasing a boy who repetitively rejected her, even when he was trying to protect them both by keeping her away, my feminism was screaming at the pages to Anna stop being so damn stupid, to have a little pride, to get a grip. I knew the boy loved her, but no woman or girl should let man or boy or other woman to treat her like Kaidan did, the rejection stung too much, she needed to step away so he could have seen what he was missing, or just fucking move on. Well everything work well in the end, but those moments were just too much for me.

The final book called Sweet Reckoning was good too, but it happened awfully fast, some scenes were surely beautiful, specially the ones involving love, but when the crucial moment came, somehow everything seemed too forced, too rushed, like it was missing something, the big thing, something more magnificent that didn’t came, it was all too fast lacking a natural way of progress in the story. The ending was good, it had a happy ending, sure, there was loss, grief, dreams, love, new beginnings and sweetness. But there was that lack of naturality…
However, the epilogue, undid me, so full of feelings, of reality of the true things that happens in our world, specially in those called third world countries, but that little girl in the end and the sheddings of tears of the male leading, it was just beautiful…

Still the main battle was missing something, unfortunately no matter how big our faith or will is, nothing is solve from just a prayer.

REVIEW: Opposition (Lux Series – Jennifer L. Armentrout)

***** 5 STARS

So, it’s over. The awesome alien YA series of this awesome author has come to the end with last week’s release of Opposition. The story about Katy Swartz and her alieneighbours reach its climax in this last book giving a lots of sensations to us…

I got the book on my Kindle the exact second the book was released, since I was reading another book then, I decided to wait to finish it and then start reading the book, but to make the experience much more better, I thought it was a perfect moment to re read the entire series so I could start Opposition with everything fresh in my mind to meet the conclusion of this exhilarating book series. 

I really am lost at words in what to say about this book. I don’t have any notes, any buts, any points or critics that may be object, I think I’m just in love with everything Armentrout writes, weather is as Armentrout or as her pseudonym J. Lynn for adult books. She never cease to amaze me, she never fails to envelop me in her worlds, I’ve reading all of her released books except for Obsession (the arum counterpart to the luxen series) and that will change soon, since I already got Obsession and gonna start reading as soon as I have this paper done for work! (Which is killing me btw, ‘cause all I want to do is read!). 

So all I really have to do is to describe what my emotions were while I was reading, first of all, Daemon Black is kind of like a contemporary Mr. Darcy for me, that’s how perfect (with all his imperfections) he is. I’d be hypocrite to say that I’d never dream with a certain type of guy as a boyfriend (for not saying a prince charming ‘cause duh, that’s so unrealand Daemon, just as Mr. Darcy and a few other fictional characters meets those expectations so perfectly, I mean who wouldn’t dream with a guy who is hot as hell, and loves you like you’re his entire and only world?. Yes I’m very aware that he was such a douche in the beginning, but come on, it was all because he was trying to protect his family, doing what he thought it was right. Lame excuse if I actually start thinking as a sociologist and all the gender theories in my mind, but screw it I just fucking love the guy no matter all the symbolic violence he exerted toward Katy, and sure I hated him in the beginning just for that, but I can’t deny that everytime Kat and Daemon had a scene together, there were butterflies in my tummy, and I must confess with a lot of shame to make it public, that I even got a little horny with all that sexual tension that only Jennifer can put into books like so few others! 
All that being said, Daemon didn’t disappoint on this last book, he kept being the hot dark guy full of light and love for his people, his Kat and his family and friends. He kept making me feel butterflies and wishing I had a boy like that, or just any boy to be honest. 

Kat didn’t disappoint either, Kat is the girl next door that turns into a complete badass over time, she grows in terms of strength and personality like only few characters does, she makes me remember Mac from the Fever series, with a lot of more realistic touches, well except for the alien mutation thingy, and fuck when she crashed at her house when she found out the lost of …. I crashed with her, I sobbed with her, and even when she put on her big girl pants and took some kind of control on her emotions and all that strength, I was still sobbing ‘cause she’s my hero, and I’m 25 and want to be a bad ass just like her! (I’m lame and my aspirations comes in the form of fiction, ok?)

So in the end, this book make me smile, cry, curse, swoon and cry some more, and I think that’s what makes art a perfection, either is a book, a movie, a T. V show, a song, or a painting, there’s nothing more perfect than a piece of art, of creation that makes you feel, specially when it makes you feel so many things at once, and seriously, I cried a lot,  but in the end all I could was smile, smile and think “What did Daemon wrote to Kat on that note? I need to know!!!!!!!!” 

Praise for Jennifer L. Armentrout and her writing 🙂 

REVIEW: Daughter of Smoke and Bone series (Laini Taylor)

***** 5 STARS

Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is a trilogy of books written by Laini Taylor. I didn’t take the time to make a proper review of the three previous books, but here’s an overall review of the series.

I must admit, that I begun reading this book on February, summer on this part of the world, and on a beach house full of family, friends and well summer on a beach, I got distracted and decide I wasn’t paying enough attention to the book, so I stopped, which is not usual for me, once I start something I don’t let it unfinished. Anyway, Last week I decided to began reading it again… at first I thought it was slow, I didn’t get much excitement on the first chapters, but then it all start becoming interesting when I started to see the shape of a story, a plot. And I started liking it, liking the writing, the multiple resources applied in it, the flashbacks, the discursive, the argument, and more importantly the story itself, so intriguing, so full of mystery, and with so many things to tell. So I started immediately the second book, Days of Blood and Starlight, and oh the feels, so many feelings entangled while I read, I hated The Wolf, with all my guts, I hated that the lead female character was so full of blindness toward the truth, but I loved seeing her struggling, doubting, and the male leading character, Akiva I loved him, I loved how he loved, how he hoped for the best, for their dreams to come true.

The last book, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, was incredibly long, but exactly how I like a book ending, with no lose ends, with friendship, with true, with love, with new beginnings and beautiful endings. I think this story, was a story of light and darkness, of equilibrium between them and above all, of happiness found in the least of the imaginable places. To me, it talkED about building a future, it told me to hope that there’s always one for us if we can only wish for it, for the real wishes are made of hope and will, so I guess it taught me to have that on this times where I much need those things for my life. It was not a simple or meaningless book, not just a teenage book either, very far from it, it was a book of enlightment, of knowledge, of feelings.

It just was such a lovely story, lovely not just for saying something nice about it, but because I personally found it full of love, all kinds of love, and all of this love, filled my heart with HOPE. 

NEWS – Relesase: OPPOSITION (Lux Series – J.L. Armentrout

Opposition is here!!!!

The last book of the Lux Series. In this book we’ll see how it all plays out with the arrival of more Lux people to earth and what will happen between the gorgeous Daemon Black and the fierceful Katy Swartz . 

I can’t wait to start reading it, but right now I’m finishing the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series, which by the way are really good, so after that, I’m planning on reread the whole Lux series to get to the big ending with style! 🙂

Hope you enjoy your readings 🙂